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2016 new model:

  2016 new style:

new preamp
 4 or 8 inputs
with piezo or magnetic sensors

(St Martin aux Bois)

Elec Compact

Mersenne 7 strings



Photo:  from Saint Martin aux bois abbey

Fascinated by a diverse and wonderful instrument: The vielle
Since 1000 years, it was in turn the emblematic instrument of the clergy, beggars, princes, peasants ...
Adored and loathed (and vice versa) then resurrected then forgotten, no instrument has had a so incredible story. Because of its history, the instrument is multifaceted and adapted to all musics.

Luthier, my work is to both improving the play possibilities, developing new sounds, and also recreating medieval forms of the vielle.

Musician, I am attached to the peculiarities of the instrument: drones, continuous sound, rhythmic .
The vielle is for me the tool to create endless universe of sound.